Streets Fest

VoiceAbility was happy to be invited to the Streets Fest organised by Streets Kitchen and local councils. A lot of effort had been put into this event, as demonstrated by the amount of stalls present and all in done in a very short space of time. This is a great testament to the organisers!

There were showering facilities; which about 60 people used throughout the afternoon, a clothing stall; with wash packs, clothing of all different types including socks and boxers as well as footwear. Clothes were provided by various sources and given out freely to those in need.

There was also live music of different genres. VoiceAbility helped out with some tasks as well as people from all walks of life who turned up offering to help. It was really pleasing to see this kind of participation and was a timely reminder that there are plenty out there that still care about their fellow human beings.

Streets Fest

Sunday Project volunteer Ritchie on one of the stalls


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