Month: August 2018

BBC: Government plan to end homelessness by 2027

rough sleeping

Housing Secretary James Brokenshire vowed to make homelessness “a thing of the past” and the government has vowed to end rough sleeping by 2027…

But when questioned on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Brokenshire said half of the promised £100m had already been committed to homelessness and rough sleeping, with the other half “reprioritised” from existing budgets in his department.

You can read the full article on the BBC website here:


Public Health England (PHE) Hep C update

World Hepatitis Day took place on 28th July and Public Health England (PHE) London would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone about the resources available for Hepatitis C at a local level.

Hep C

Up to 58,000 people in London have been exposed to the virus, with 40,000 of these people estimated to have active disease. Forty percent of these people are thought to be undiagnosed. Ninety percent of those affected by Hepatitis C will have acquired their infection through injecting drug use.

New Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs) have revolutionised the treatment of Hepatitis C in recent years, reducing the amount of time treatment takes, vastly improving cure rates, and eliminating unpleasant side effects. In January 2018, NHS England committed to eliminating Hepatitis C five years earlier than the goal set by the World Health Organisation of 2030.

You can find PHE London Hepatitis C Bulletin 2018 here