Month: February 2018

Severe Weather Emergency Protocol

If you are concerned about someone who is homeless, please ensure that they are aware of the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP). This means that anyone who is homeless can present at their local council, or contact the out of hours team & ask for assistance to be accommodated in a B&B, hostel or night shelter whilst the temperature is 0° or below.

They don’t need to prove a local connection or be in priory need. No one should be left to manage these conditions.

If people do not wish to accept temporary accommodation, local homeless projects can often help with robust sleeping bags.


Frontline member Clive campaigning at DDN conference!

On Thursday 22nd February, VoiceAbility supported 4 service users to attend the annual Drink Drug News (DDN) conference in Birmingham.

Following a talk about supported housing called “More than Bricks and Mortar” Frontline member Clive took the microphone to contribute to the conversation. You can watch Clive in action here: