Month: December 2017

London Winter Shelters


Homeless link have released a list of London Winter shelters. The Camden one is:

C4WS runs from 9 November 2017 to 29 March 2018, closing for a week at Christmas when guests go to Crisis at Christmas
Phone: 07598 066712
Gender: Mixed
Age: 18+
Who can access? Homeless people, including those with a range of support needs. No local connection is required.
How to access? Can only accept referrals from Camden-based agencies with whom C4WS have a signed Service Level Agreement. Please phone to check vacancy details; if there is a vacancy, the referring agency is required to fill out a guest referral form on behalf of their client. If C4WS can accept the guest, the guest will be given directions to the shelter for that evening. Guests should not turn up at the venue without their agency completing a referral first. All spaces must be booked in advance.
How many spaces are there? 16
What times does the shelter open and close? The shelter opens for admissions from 7.30pm with last admissions at 7:45pm. Guests must leave by 8:45am.
Rules: No alcohol is allowed on shelter premises and no smoking inside shelter buildings. Guests must register with welfare manager. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. Guests Must accept C4WS ethos and accept terms of stay.

You can find the full list here: London Winter Shelters 2017-18_version7ocx


Clive’s story

Long time Frontline member Clive has been interviewed and given permission for us to put his story here on the Frontline website. Come along to Frontline at 12.30 on the first Thursday of every month to meet the man himself!

Clive's story

The five most addictive substances in the world (and 3 of them are legal!)


We’d never recommend anyone does drugs (especially the illegal ones). But if you do have your heart set on mind-altering substances, it’s probably wise to avoid these five – as they’ve been found to be the most addictive substances in the world. Oh dear. A group of addiction experts, chemists, forensic scientists, and pharmacologists, headed up by Professor David Nutt, analysed the addictive qualities of different drugs to have a go at ranking them in terms of how addictive they are. The researchers averaged out three factors: pleasure given by use, psychological dependence, and physical dependence. They then gave each drug a ranking from zero to three, with zero being the least addictive and three being the most. Here are the five substances they rated to be the most addictive. It’s worth noting that while alcohol comes in at number five in terms of its addictive qualities, previous research lists is as the most damaging of the drug of the lost, with the World Health Organisation estimating that around 5.9% deaths worldwide are attributable to alcohol consumption.

The five most addictive substances in the world:

Heroin, with a score of 3

Cocaine, with a score of 2.4

Nicotine, with a score of 2.2

Barbiturates, with a score of 2

Alcohol, with a score of 1.9

Barbiturates, meanwhile, are often prescribed to treat seizures and anxiety. The most addictive drugs aren’t all the big scary Class A’s you might expect – three (nicotine, barbiturates, and alcohol) of the top five are legal to consume and widely accepted to use. That doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous. Be careful out there.

Article reposted from The Metro: